2003 Aston Martin DB7

Our first acquisition was a big task. A customer came to us looking for a comfortable but capable sports car. After filling out our questionnaire and a couple rounds of talks we came to the conclusion that nothing other than an Aston Martin DB7 would suffice.

One of the original and most iconic manufacturers of the Grand tourer. From there we scoured the globe trying to find the right model and package. This Aston Martin DB7 Vantage Volante was being offered be a dealership in Texas.

That monicure was odd so after some digging we realized that the dealer didn’t know this was a rare Jubilee Edition Car. Meaning it was one of 50 made worldwide, only 26 for North America to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. It amazing how many of these Limited Edition cars from all makes and models go unnoticed.

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  • Car Model Aston Martin DB7 Volante
  • Project Type Acquisition
  • Location West Palm, FL
  • Year 2003

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    Rick Johnson
    | Reply

    Hi, So what can you tell me about your Aston “Jubillee” edition? Do you know how may of the North American cars were coupes versus volantes? How much are you asking for this car? I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks, Rick

    • William Mayer
      William Mayer
      | Reply

      Hello there, sadly this is not for sale. We were hired to help the client acquire this rare edition of the Aston Martin DB7. A total of 50 “Jubilee” DB7’s were made; 24 for the EU, 19 of which were Right hand drive for the UK, 6 Left Hand and only 10 were convertibles. The 26 that made to America were all Left hand drive but sadly we don’t get any further breakdown on the body types. Are you in the market for one of these iconic cars?

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