1938 Ford Type 85

This was a commissioned build for a Contractor who wanted a vintage truck to advertise his company’s old timey aesthetics. So we searched nationwide for something that fit his budget.

Found in Minnesota, where only the 2nd owner used the Ford Type 85 sparingly for almost 60 years. It was entirely original, but would not start on its own. These are very rare, one year only truck as a result of the recession

So redoing the ignition and electrical was vital. To lean into the attention-grabbing vibe the customer wanted the pickup painted an electric blue, whitewall tired all around, and buffalo leather wrapped bench seat to deal with the wear and tear of a construction site.

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  • Car Model Ford Type 85 1/2 Ton Pickup
  • Project Type Mild Restoration - Acquisition
  • Location Minnesota
  • Year 1938