1970 Volvo 1800E

This Volvo of our most recent projects and is finally complete. It was found in a garage in the Bronx.

This Volvo 1800E a unique car in and of itself with rare factory options such as direct ignition, disc brakes all around, Air Conditioning, window defrosters, and the highest powered motor almost doubling the horse power of the normal 1800’s.

We reconditioned the paint and trim; refurbished the 50 year old ignition, injection, and fuel systems with all original parts to keep its matching number status. Truly our favorite project, we are sad to see it go.

For Sale $25,000, click here if interested

  • Car Model 1970 Volvo 1800E
  • Project Type Mild Restoration
  • Location Key West, FL
  • Year 1970