1. Tell Us the Car You Want

    We will schedule a phone call where you tell the team what car you are looking for, or what you’re looking for in your next car

  2. The Search

    The team scours the globe, using our network of international dealers, collectors, shippers, and shops to find the car that fits your exact specifications

  3. The Shortlist

    We narrow down the potential finds to the best candidates to fit your request

  4. The Selection Process

    From our shortlist, you select the top prospects to move forward with

  5. Inspection

    We will perform a 100 point inspection on the candidates to assess quality, originality (for export/import), and vehicle history

  6. Restoration

    We will work with local restorers and experts to address any issues found in the inspection and to guarantee the vehicle’s approval by customs or local DMV

  7. Shipping

    Once the vehicle is up to your standard, we will arrange shipping to your desired location (or to our shop for further modifications if the vehicle is internationally sourced)

  8. Final Touches

    Once the vehicle arrives, we will work with you to ensure the vehicle is up to your standard before final delivery

  9. Delivery

    We hand you the keys and the vehicle is yours


*Note: Before we move forward with from “The Selection Process” we require a non refundable deposit for our services and for the Certified Customs Inspector. The amount may vary depending on the type of car or service(s) we are providing