Cars brokers are a relatively new development in the automotive field. Much like mortgage brokers or insurance brokers, car brokers offer buyers the option of taking a back seat during the buying process. In addition to the convenience of not having to personally interact with car dealerships, whether new or used, a car broker can often secure a price lower than that which the buyer could have negotiated on their own.

You want to buy a new or used car, and don’t have a lot of time or patience to go out and find a good deal on a vehicle yourself. That’s where we come in. We work every day doing what most people only do once or twice a decade – seeking quality vehicles and negotiating deals on them. We will be able to get you a better price, build, and timeline than dealers, mechanics, and shippers would normally offer.

We personally have 3 generations and twice as many decades of automotive knowledge behind our team. We have built a global network of dealers, brokers, collectors, shops and shippers to guarantee the lowest prices, quickest timeframes, and least hassle imaginable. This is due to the fact that many members of our team were once involved in the car sales industry in some form or another. Additionally, car brokers have the advantage of searching for deals on car prices every minute of everyday, so we generally have a better view of the automotive landscape

All you have to do is explain to us what you’re looking for. Tell us your budget and timeframe expectations. You may know the exact car model and specifications you want but even if you don’t that only gives us more potential vehicles to offer.

This depends on the vehicle you’re looking for and what you’d like to have done to it once we find it. But as a standard we will organize all shipping and logistics, give you thorough inspection report, highlighting any issues with estimates on the cost of those repairs, help get the vehicle registered and ensure the vehicle’s registration wherever you desire. If you want us to handle those issues or you want a Restoration, Restomod (old styling, modern technology), Survivor this can also be done by our team.

If you have seen our portfolio it is clear we specialize in classic cars. This is because most of our clients long for that dream car they wanted when they were first getting into cars. Also, our clients work on an international level and classic cars are easier to ship worldwide; they also dodge many taxes that new or newer cars do not.

Absolutely! We can negotiate with dealerships usually get you a new car quicker than a our classics. We often bundle several our client’s desired cars together in one big purchase. This allows us to stiff arm the dealers into giving us incredibly low prices so that they can move a greater number of cars off their lot.

Not even a little. We are a small group of experts, former salesman, and restorers who have a passion for everything automotive and got tired of seeing people getting worked over with bad deals for cars they weren’t head over heels for. We usually have no more than a couple of cars in stock for sale that are our passion projects. Usually we work with customers to get their dream car.

That depends on the type of request you have. We can work with almost any budget for a simple acquisition. For that we charge 10% of the total cost of the final vehicle. A build we will also charge 10% of the vehicle plus parts. In certain tight budgets we will charge 25% of the total savings. An example: your budget is $20,000 and we get you the vehicle for $14,000, we charge 25% ($1,500) of that $6,000 savings. We have done vehicles from $20,000-$150,000 (depending on the car and condition) so reaching out to us is key.

Just like any professional industry, there are varying degrees of experience and quality with car broker companies. The key to choosing a company that can provide a great service for your needs is to make sure communication is clear in both directions. Feel free to ask us about any fees or commission for the services being provided. A professional car broker will be happy to explain the buying process to you.