This 1979 Fiat X1/9 was found in Boise, Idaho. Also called the Bertone X1/9 it is one of our first sports cars. With its transverse mid-engine and original 5 speed transmission, this rear wheel drive car was sorted from the wheels up. Which included tuning the motor and rewiring the entire car and ECU to solve the X1/9’s common issues. The American park bench bumpers were removed and Rallye lights were installed to finish the Euro style look. The emission controls and catalytic converter were scrapped and a racing exhaust now take its place. Racing Western Wheels were found in New York and were fitted on a stiffened and lowered suspension. Having a nearly 50/50, removable top, and exhaust note make this one of the most enjoyable driver’s cars we’ve made.

  • Car Model Fiat X1/9
  • Project Type Restoration and period-correct modification
  • Location Boise, Idaho
  • Year 1979