1969 Chevy El Camino SS

This Chevy El Camino SS was first Muscle Car and our quickest transaction to date. A man from Arizona needed a gift for his wife’s birthday and decided to get her her dream car.

This car, or truck (depending on how you look at it), was found not running in a warehouse just outside of Ocala, FL. The owner didn’t advertise any of his collection and was hesitant to give us access.

The number of cars was staggering and this El Camino was perfect. It had the original motor, transmission, wheels and paint. We sorted the electrical issue within the first hour and had it delivered at the exact time he requested on her birthday. Only took 8 days from the minute he reached out to us to the car getting to their driveway.

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  • Car Model Chevy - EL Camino
  • Project Type Acquisition
  • Location Ocala, FL
  • Year 1969